I ♥ YA because “YA CAN’T WAIT!”

Are you a female between the ages of twelve and twenty? If not, do you know a Young Adult female—daughter, granddaughter, niece, girlfriend, or son’s girlfriend?

If you are or you do–and, unless you’re shackled in the solitary confines of a Turkmenistan prison, vacationing at the tea house at the Everest Base camp in Tibet, or on expedition aboard the International Space Station*—you know this Friday, November 16th is the release date for the latest and final Twilight Saga movie: Breaking Dawn-Part 2.

I know this because last November 18th, less than a minute after my husband and two teenaged daughters watched the final scene of Breaking Dawn-Part 1 when Bella opens her hungry red-pupil vampire eyes, mere seconds before the credits can make it to the top of the screen, ten minutes before the much-anticipated teaser after-credits scene when Aro, the head Volturi, lets his bloodsucking pals know that his beef with the Cullens is not over, and fifteen minutes before our popcorn and soda containers are tossed into the trash bin, I hear, one, possibly both, of my daughters squeal (yes, they actually squeal), “I can’t wait for Part 2!”**

So Friday, November 16th—three days from now—I plan on accompanying one or both of my daughters*** to finally, finally, finally watch this two-hour—insert DRUM ROLL and FIREWORKS—movie.Tim Quiram to the Rescue!

Their father, bless his heart****, gets a pass this time. He’s been deployed as part of the Homeland Security FEMA Surge #2 to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy get the government assistance they need. Tim is working in storm-ravished New York neighborhoods like Belle Harbor for up to forty-five days.

Hmmm, you’re thinking BD-Part 2 will be a big hit and may still be in theaters this Christmas? Surely, your daughters will want to see it again and take their Papa? Nope. My husband still gets a pass. Why?

Belle Harbor, NY


Because by the time he gets back, he’ll deserve it.

Under the best of circumstances, New Yorkers are not the world’s most patient people—I’m from New York, so I can say this from personal experience (okay, most of the experiences may be with myself)—even we OAs (Older Adults) can get testy when we’re made to wait. And, unbelievably, some of these New Yorkers have been waiting, waiting, waiting for food, medicine, adequate (warm) shelter, clothing, heat, electricity, running water, and security from hellions-run-amok for two weeks now. Their circumstances are dire! A few of them literally couldn’t wait and died in their homes or apartments. It’s heartbreaking and it’s happening in America. Right now!

When Tim gets back, he can watch whatever he wants.*****


But you, what can you do? Please, if you want to help your fellow Americans, don’t wait a minute longer.

Donate—even the cost of a couple of movie tickets will help!—to the Hurricane Sandy-relief charity of your choice.

Here’s a few you can click on to donate, but if these don’t excite you, I’m sure you could find others with a few Google search clicks.

Salvation Army        Red Cross       NYC Catholic Charities

FYI, I may not be YA or a New Yorker anymore, but I CAN’T WAIT! for my husband to come home!

* It’s quite possible that the space station astronauts (Are you called an astronaut if you are orbiting the earth and not technically in outer space?) know about Breaking Dawn-Part 2. They’re living in a satellite; they should get great satellite TV, right? It’s also possible that, as a method of torture, prison guards in Turkmenistan force inmates to watch the Twilight Saga over and over, ad nauseum. Lastly, individuals crazy enough to climb the cold, barren arctic-like wasteland of Mount Everest probably won’t be interested in vampires and wolf shape-shifters, though a wolf’s thick fur coat and a vampire’s cold-blood would come in handy on their trek, don’t you think?

** I’ve heard these emphatic, whiney outcries: “I can’t wait for the last Twilight Episode!” “I can’t wait for Breaking Dawn-Part 2!” for months following BD-Part 1and then all over again in the months leading up to FRIDAY’s BD-Part 2 release, so much so, I fantasize sending a tape of these squeals to the producers at Lionsgate, specifically addressed to the sadistic marketing genius that insisted Breaking Dawn-Part 2 be spaced a FULL YEAR behind Part 1.

*** Since both daughters work at the movie theatre–one of them may have to work. (While writing this post, they walked into my office from picking up their weekend schedule. Sophie has to work Friday–some boo-hooing, but then figured she’d see it on Saturday when dropping Katya off for her shift.

**** “Bless his heart” is an expression you hear in the south, usually followed by something negative about that person. A southern gossip donut with a gooey sugar coating. I’m saying it “tongue-in-cheek” here, because Tim’s really a great guy. A great guy on a great mission.

***** It doesn’t mean I have to watch too. Especially that silly Duck Calling Family show or Gold Rush. 😉

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