A Simple Formula for Dealing with Coronavirus (Covid-19) Casualties

This viral pandemic is responsible for countless casualties. It has the potential to break our hearts in a million ways… Our oldest son, his wife, and their two young children were scheduled to visit us this weekend. It’s the only break in my son’s graduate studies program, the only weekend he could spare because of … More A Simple Formula for Dealing with Coronavirus (Covid-19) Casualties


I write to entertain readers. And to have a great time. And to make God smile. Readers and reviewers tell me reading HIGH was a fun wild ride. They love the characters, the dialogue, the intrigue and especially the suspense. Writing YA romantic thrillers is wildly entertaining for me! My characters feel alive and real. They speak to … More TO ENTERTAIN


I write to inspire Young Adults. Many young adults struggle with brutal problems. In addition to the historically common questions ~ Who am I?, What is my purpose? What career path should I follow? Who should I ask to prom or who will ask me? ~ today’s YAs face broken families, addiction, sexual exploitation, bullying, … More TO INSPIRE


I write YA to encourage readers like Leah. Leah sent me a full-page typed letter telling me she loved reading HIGH: The Way of an Eagle so much she read it twice. Twice! Leah said reading about Verona’s experience at the new school helped her adjust to her change of schools. I literally cried. This is the ultimate reward … More TO ENCOURAGE


Red Rising, by Pierce Brown LOVED this ambitious debut novel. A new twist on dystopian… the action-and there is lots of hang-nail chewing action-is set on Mars. Darrow, a hell-diver in the lowest-colored red class (think rainbow caste system), discovers what he’s been told all his life is a lie. In order to make his martyred wife’s dream a reality, … More I LOVED THIS NEW YA BOOK