I write to inspire Young Adults.

Many young adults struggle with brutal problems. In addition to the historically common questions ~ Who am I?, What is my purpose? What career path should I follow? Who should I ask to prom or who will ask me? ~ today’s YAs face broken families, addiction, sexual exploitation, bullying, and more.

It helps to read about young adults confronting real problems that mirror their own. At the very least, they realize they are not alone, that their problem isn’t unique to them. At best, they may be inspired to act or react in a healthier way.

The Transcender characters, even the well-intentioned characters are like the rest of us. Flawed. They mess up. Feel like failures. Do stupid things.

Their families are broken. Divorced. Alcoholics. Battered.

HIGH: The Way of an Eagle offers readers romance, intrigue, and suspense in a story that touches on real life challenges for YAs: divorce, amputation, adoption, suicide. Supernatural powers in the Transcenders books aren’t random. They derive from passages in the Old Testament.

And a demon messes up their already messed-up lives.

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