Verona’s World Contest ~ Q 7

October 30 ~ Today’s Question How does Angie become an amputee? A Chinese land mine Accident from drinking and driving Accident from stock-car racing A workshop accident A cheerleading accident Write your name and email address along with your the letter of your answer (1-5) into the correct boxes on the contact form to be … More Verona’s World Contest ~ Q 7

Do YA ♥ to WIN?

HIGH Contest starts Thursday, October 24! Answer the daily HIGH question to be eligible to win you’re PRIZE! So if you haven’t finished reading…now’s your chance! Every day from October 24th until Halloween there’s a new HIGH: The Way of an Eagle-related prize check out the great prizes under the contest menu on this blog … More Do YA ♥ to WIN?


ENTER THE FIRST OFFICIAL HIGH CONTEST AND WIN A $50 GIFT CERTIFICATE TO AMERICAN EAGLE (Verona’s favorite store)! Plus 7 Great Runner-up Prizes from Verona’s World! 2014 Central Park Calendar Psychedelic Carlos Santana Poster Year’s Supply of Wintermint-Flavored Orbit Chewing Gum Rhinestone and Pearl Tiara 13 X 19 Thomas Cole Print Silver Cross Necklace White … More YA ♥ TO WIN!