Verona’s World Contest ~ Q 1

2014 calendar
2014 Calendar

October 24th ~ Today’s Question

What is Nicky’s nickname and how did he earn it?

  1. LLKoolN—he’s the coolest rapper at Colonial High School
  2. Tinkles—the noise the lug-nuts in his hair makes
  3. Chaser—his last name is Chase and he chases girls around the school
  4. Forrest—he runs so fast on the track team everyone yells, “Run, Forrest, Run!”
  5. All of the above…depends on who is talking to him

Write your name and email address along with your the letter of your answer (1-5) into the correct boxes on the contact form to be eligible to win Verona’s Central Park Countdown Calendar as well as a chance at the American Eagle $50 Gift Certificate:

$50 American Eagle Gift Certificate
$50 American Eagle
Gift Certificate

Good Luck!

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