Verona’s World Contest ~ Q 4

October 27 ~ Today’s Question Who wrote the book that Verona reads called The Way of an Eagle? Mr. Zeke Officer MacLeod Officer Morris Ms. Kartal It was a collaboration between Mr. Zeke and Ms. Kartal Write your name and email address along with your the letter of your answer (1-5) into the correct boxes … More Verona’s World Contest ~ Q 4


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Do you ♥ the Cover of HIGH: The Way of an Eagle?

Tim and I trekked down to the Young Adult section of our local Barnes and Noble–where we perused book covers to determine which one(s) we liked best. Many covers grabbed for our attention: Tim really liked Ally Condie’s series, Matched, Crossed, and Reached. I have to admit the brunette in a bubble idea is pretty … More Do you ♥ the Cover of HIGH: The Way of an Eagle?