The first title sounds like a post on the many uses of medicinal marijuana, the second like it takes place in the heavens. All to announce “The Publication Date for my first book, HIGH: THE WAY OF AN EAGLE, is September 10, 2013.” I’ve acquired Verona’s prescience with a list of PFAQs (Predicted Frequently Asked Questions):

What’s it about? High: The Way of an Eagle is a thriller that takes place when sixteen year old Verona Lamberti moves to Virginia with her mother after her parent’s divorce. Verona starts having visions of people she cares about getting maimed and murdered by a demon-infested killer. Oh, and in her visions she’s a bald eagle. And of course, as all this is happening, Verona falls in love with a devilishly handsome guy at her new school. And the demon killer and several of his minions come after her. And several of Verona’s new friends have their own supernatural powers, different from her visions.

Besides murder and mayhem, what else is in the book? Car racing, hot football players, jerky football players, cheerleaders, college kids, dancing, passionate kissing, an amputation, loud music that won’t hurt your ears, trench-coated detectives, things that will make you laugh, things that will make you cry, things that will make you go “AW!”, a  fluffy orange kitten and a sheepdog, some Russian words, cool music, art, and literature references, Abraham Lincoln, and several hidden things–I’ll hold contests on this blog where you might win big prizes if you can find the hidden things. Plus, there’s a bonus section at the end–excerpts from the short inspirational companion book, The Way of an Eagle, scheduled to come out later this fall.

Where does HIGH happen? HIGH is set primarily in the fictitious city of *Jamestown, Virginia. Some scenes take place in the real city of Williamsburg, Virginia, where I live and some in New York City where Verona is from. Much of the action takes place at Colonial High School, which although fictitious, is modeled somewhat after Jamestown High School, where my six children went. Although some scenes are set at the very real College of William and Mary, I didn’t use the real Jamestown High School, Home of the Eagles, and located on Eagle Way, because I thought that would be a little too much eagle for my reader.

Why September 10? And not September 1 or September 11? The book starts on September 11 and is written like a journal. You could choose to read it day by day, or…get so into it you finish by September 11!

What kind of name is Verona? I know. It’s weird. Trust me, she hates it too. You have to read the book to find out how she got saddled with that name.

How many pages is HIGH? Short enough for someone who usually watches movies or TV, but long enough for a real book junkie like me. Shorter than Stephanie Meyer’s, Twilight or Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, but longer than Goodnight, Moon (if you count how many times I read each page to my children, that one might actually be longer than the others!).

How do you get off comparing your debut novel to the best-selling books, Twilight, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and Goodnight Moon? I like to dream big. One can always hope and pray, right?

What’s the cover look like? I don’t know yet. The cover artist has scheduled me for July. I love her work and can’t wait to see what she comes up with! I can tell you her preliminary idea is awesome!

Is HIGH a series? Yes. I”m hoping to have the next book, DEEP: THE WAY OF A SNAKE, out late next year.

How much will HIGH cost? I’m planning an introductory special where it will be free to download on Kindle for five days–I’ll let you know in plenty of time for that. After that HIGH: THE WAY OF AN EAGLE should be available as an e-book from Kindle for under $5.00 and as a paperback on Amazon for under $20.00. I’ll keep you posted when HIGH is available elsewhere.

Is HIGH a Christian Book? No. It’s a book anyone should enjoy if they like suspense and romance and coming-of-age stories. HIGH has biblical references in it because some of the characters are devout followers of Jesus and the overall theme–A supernatural realm exists where good and bad influence us here on earth–could be labeled spiritual. Most paranormal YA books allude to an alternate realm as well. The difference is that the supernatural powers in most vampire, werewolf, zombie, and ghost stories are random. The supernatural powers in HIGH are not random, but you’ll have to read the book to find out where they come from. Also, a few beta readers said HIGH reads like a Frank Peretti novel for YA, the Young Adult market, or New Adult, the college age market.

Please feel free to ask more questions in the contact form below!

Delete my name and email info and put your own in the boxes.

*Jamestown, Virginia was the first permanent English settlement and is now a museum. It does not have its own zipcode, but I thought it should since we all had to learn about it in High School.

4 thoughts on “HIGH NEWS! or NEWS ON HIGH?

  1. Charlene, I am so thrilled for you! Congratulations. You have worked so hard to make this book a reality, I can’t wait to read it. Love, Carolyn and Family


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