Verona’s World Contest Winners

And the WINNERS are…

Q.  What is Nicky’s nickname and how did he earn it?


              Winner ~ Memphis

Q. What nickname does Nicky use to describe Ross Georgeson?

A. Kicka

                   Winner~ Veronica

Q. Which nickname does Aunt Nadia call Ben?

A. Vova

                  Winner~ Katie O

tiara      Q. Who wrote the book that Verona reads called The Way of an Eagle?

A. Officer MacLeod

                                                 Winner~ Ruby

Q. What does Verona most want to be when she grows up?

A. Painter

                        Winner~ Veronica

Q. What is Alex and Ben’s real last name?

A. Zharkov

                     Winner ~ Mary

Q. How does Angie become an amputee?

A. Accident from drinking and driving

            Winner ~ Kathryn Rose

$50 American Eagle Gift Certificate
$50 American Eagle
Gift Certificate

Congratulations to the Grand Prize Winner Kate!


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